Our designers are highly qualified engineers with many years of experience. This will benefit you, starting with the basic layout of the tools or the required components. We will advise you and assist with the material selection, sizing and tolerances of your components, the creation of a  “Statement of Work”, set-up of Process-FMEA and with a multiple of other tasks.

  • If required we will analyse your component with a FEM-system or perform, with creativity and resourcefulness, empirical pre-production testing.
  • The complete design is realised on a 3D-CAD-System. For visualisation and animation during the project and for the instruction manual we use a high performance composer.
  • We will build prototypes for you utilizing Rapid-Product-Development-Technologies. This helps to accelerate product development and realisation of complex components within acceptable time and cost limits.

During the life of the project, nothing is left to chance. You requirements remain in our exact focus. We take over the editing of the “Statement of Work”, monitor the mile-stones and guide the project with Review-Techniques in close cooperation with the customer.

Applied technologies:

  • 3D CAD CAM Systems
  • Design Software: Solid Works
  • CAM wire-EDM
  • CAM milling: VX/Peps